Chase at Play...

Chase (6 mos.) playing with Dad's bongos.

Chase (9 mos.) playing in his gym... while playing the piano with his toes

Chase (1 year) playing with various toys & instruments

(Chase is sitting with his Hensinger Neck Collar & TLSO Soft Body Jacket... offers support, allows him to be in a sitting position, but also helps to prevent scoliosis)

Chase (1 year) playing on his new comfy computer that he got for his birthday from Aunt Cindy

Chase (1 year) playing with food
(& learning about textures during his OT Therapy Session)

Chase (1 year) watching "Winnie the Pooh" video (and very fascinated with it)

Chase (14 mos.) swinging at our neighborhood park

Chase (14 mos.) sitting in his favorite (Tigger) chair, sporting his new DAFO's (braces/shoes that help align his feet & toes properly).

They don't go too well with his pajamas, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Chase (14 mos.) playing with one of his best friends... Suzanna

Suzanna volunteers her time through Childrens and comes to give mom & dad a couple of hours of respite time once a week. Chase really enjoys their playtime and always has a smile for Suzanna.

Dad & Chase (14 mos.) playing in his Jacuzzi (a gift from Grandma).

Chase is showing off what he learns in aquatic therapy, while jealous Annie tries to steal his toys.

Chase (18 mos.) being silly for the camera.

Chase (21 mos.) rocking in his hippo floor rocker

Thanks to some really special friends (who gave him this in honor of their angel Kaydence)

Chase (22 mos.) seeing the Easter Bunny for the first time.

Thanks to Helping Hands for inviting him to our house and leaving his bunny friends .

Chase (23 mos.) on his first baseball league (joining friends Nick & Emma)

Thanks to Cincinnati Recreation Commission's Miracle League Program for allowing Chase to be one of the "Pirates"

Chase (23 mos.) swimming with daddy (check out my swimming video).

Chase (24 mos.) with his talking Spinoza Bear.

Thanks to Cheviot-Westwood Kiwanis Club for the wonderful gift!

Chase (24 mos.) enjoying his homemade indoor hammock swing that mom and dad made just for him.

Chase (24 mos.) enjoying his computer game & adapted floor chair.

Chase (3 yrs.) Playing with a new birthday present (while sitting in his Leckey hi/low chair).

Chase (3 yrs.) showing off his winning skills with his duck game.

Chase (4 yrs.) playing on his computer, using his trackball mouse (while in his stander).

Chase (4 yrs.) being kissed by a giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Chase (4 yrs.) Enjoying his time in Lexington, KY (at the SMA Walk, then in the hotel game room).

Chase (4 yrs.) Meeting Thomas the Train in person and enjoying a ride.

Chase (4 yrs.) Having fun at his friend Nick's birthday party (at Chuck E Cheese).

Chase (4 yrs.) Playing with his doggie Annie.

Chase (4 yrs.) Studying intently his artistic creation.

Chase (5 yrs.) rocking out with his new guitar.

Chase (5 yrs.) Enjoying his first football game (Go Bearcats!).

Chase (5 yrs.) Enjoying his new puppy Princess.

Chase (5 yrs.) Having fun, playing his adaptive wii while hanging out in the stander.

Chase (5 yrs.) Visiting with Santa while attending "A Kid Again" Christmas Party.

Chase (6 yrs.) Getting lots of puppy kisses from his Princess.

Chase (6 yrs.) Enjoying his Playstation &
lounging in his comfy chair.

Chase (6 yrs.) First time back at Aquatic Therapy since new trach... doing amazing and once again loving the water.

Chase (8 yrs.-almost 9yrs.) Painting with slings & hand adaptations)

Chase (9 yrs.) Playing on his new computer/birthday present

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